We all know that life is more than just a dash

Digital Tool for Honoring Loved Ones

Memorializing your loved ones (family, friends and pets) who have passed, also you can learn about the life stories of other Da-sh markers and special Memorials you discover on your device…


The Da-sh is a unique opportunity to create a lasting lifetime Video memorial of your loved one. No one wants to be forgotten, here is a way to assure that all will see your loved ones story and how they impacted the lives of others.  

When you are visiting the gravesite or just have a moment to reflect online you will be able to reminisce and view their Video and share in their memory. The Da-sh app is free so you can provide this Memorial Video to your family and friends anytime.


Map view

Explore all the Da--sh Memorials using the live interactive map

Filter Options

Use the filters to sort between your personal Dash Memorials, your friend's Da-sh Memorials and all Da-sh Memorials

Video Memorial

Learn more about each Dash Member with a personalized Da-sh Video.

GPS Directions

Use in app GPS for directions to any Da-sh Memorial

Free to Download.
Free to Create.

Now available in the Google Play and Android Store – IOS (APPLE) coming soon

Easy to Get Started


Download the app for free in the Google Play store. Once you have it downloaded, log in and then you can start creating a Da-sh Memorial for your loved one, this is called a Marker. (Free with download)


It's easy to create a new Da-sh Memorial Marker, All you need to do is upload up to 15 pictures, date of birth and the date of passing then add their burial location to the map. You can select your placement via Google Maps. EX. ashes were released out to sea at the beach, mark the location of the ceremony as your special Da-sh Marker and those who come upon it that are sharing All Da-sh entries or if they are a friend or family member, will be notified that they are at your Da-sh Marker, and have the option to view your Da-sh Memorial Video. NOTE: Entries can be made private if desired


Search from a list or drag the live map around to find Dash Memorials. Use the filters to find just your personal Dash Memorials or search from all the active Dash Memorials.


With GPS, the Dash will send you notifications when you are close to a local Dash Memorial that you have selected to receive through the filter so you will receive notifications of Dash Memorials near you.that you have selected.

The Dash for Animals

We love our pets just as much

Add your pets and furry loved ones to The Da-sh. At The Da-sh Memorial LLC we value our pets lives and will make a donation to shelters on your pet’s behalf.

Free Means Free

Free to download and FREE TO create a lasting memorial MARKER

Want to upgrade your Marker to a Da-sh Memorial Video?


You provide the Photos
  • Up to 15 Photos
  • Photo Slideshow
  • 100 Word Tribute
  • Background Music
  • Locator feature
  • Additional Markers
    available for $9.99 each


We'll Create the Video For Your Pet
$ 49
One Time Fee
  • 30 Images

    100 word tribute
  • Song Selection
  • 3 Minute Video

    Locator feature

Additional Minutes Available at $60. Per minute or Fraction of 


We'll Create the Video For Your Loved Ones
$ 99
One Time Fee
  • 60 Images
  • Personalized Content

    250 word tribute
  • Song Selection
  • 5 Minute Video

    Locator feature

Provided Video

You provide the Video for your Loved One or Pet
$ 59
One Time Fee
  • Up to 5 minute Video

    250 word tribute

    Video Edits
  • Song Selection

  • Locator feature

How the Da-sh has affected our users lives

Christopher Brown

"The Dash App has allowed me to create a lasting memorial for my Grandmother who raised me”

Lora Spielberg

"The Dash has allowed me to explore and learn more about the people who have passed away in the town's cemetery"

Jessie Olive

"It's important to remember the past and the people that worked every day to make this nation great. The Dash App has enabled me to hear those stories”

Pam Lipton

"After my mother passed away, I created a Dash Memorial and now my kids will have a digital memorial to remember their grandmother”

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